Keep up to date on the exciting events we have planned for the coming year! Whether a simple Social Event at de Smitse or an Association Trip, check our events page or Facebook for updates on what we are planning. We are looking forward to seeing you soon in the future and, remember, we are always open to ideas! If you have any suggestions, please share them with us through our contact form and we will gladly take it into account for future plans!



Get to know other HonEURs students! One very important part of our responsibility at this organization is making members realize they are in a community. This means that we will be very active on the social side of events! Our community will enable and empower current and former members to exchange perspectives, ideas and simply get to know each other. One of our goals is that this community starts growing from the first social event onwards. So come join us at one of our events and find out more! 


Connect to Academics, Alumni & Companies through our exclusive network! We want to reach beyond the classroom and into the real world. As a talented pool of students, there are many opportunities awaiting you in the future, whichever direction you plan to take. Therefore, the third important pillar of our strategy is enhancing your horizon through the external network we will help you create. We, as an association, want to help you meet partners that will develop you, as much as you will develop them.