History of HonEURs

Our association was founded in 2009 as the HonEURs Alumni Association, consisting of students who were passionate about the potential of honours students, and wanted to actively contribute to our growing Alumni network.


Over the years, the organization grew to represent both current, as well as former Erasmus honours students, and in 2016, we additionally became the official association for all faculty honours programmes. This has given our members the unique opportunity the meet people beyond their immediate study and broaden their horizons. As such, in 2017, a decision was made to change the colloquial name to HonEURs association, reflecting our broader focus.

As a relatively smaller association, we do not have the same resources as more well-known organizations. However, we aim to make up for that through our innovative events, and the closeness between students and the association in making those events. You will probably see a board member sitting next to you at many events, asking your opinion on it. That’s what differentiates us, we keep our focus on our members, and making your experience with the Honours Community the most memorable period of your university education!


We prefer to see ourselves as a community, not only of future leaders, but also of friends. In the short 18 years since establishment we have grown to include to become an officially recognized organization over 200 Honours Alumni. In 2017, we aim to build this community even further, and we hope you will be there developing it with us.