Mission & Goals

"Enhancing the Horizons of the Honours Community"  


Enhancing horizons is more than just social drinks and educational events, it's about building better experiences. We are an organization that, like the community we represent, is young, dynamic, and embodies the Honours spirit of striving further. As an Association, we have achieved great successes since our inception, however, there is still work to be done. That is because, for us, striving further is not only a buzzword, but a way of life.


Therefore, our goals this year consist of both building on past successes, and preparing for the future. We have now become the board that represents the entire Honours Community, not just the interfaculty programme. Therefore, we went to make events that are relevant to all honours students, and that means focusing on remodelled, and oftentimes entirely new events.


The members who join our Association differentiate themselves through the fearless pursuit of their passions and their unique perspectives. Therefore, by connecting these students from different faculty backgrounds and exposing our members to unconventional events, we will not only challenge our members to look past their limits, but also the limits of their surroundings. Conclusively, this means our aim is for this Association to grow, not only in size, but also in significance to its members, and build bonds, forged through extraordinary experiences, that will last long after the last lecture is held.


In the future, we envisage a thriving community of thinkers, challengers, and doers, and we look forward to collaborating with our members to enable that dream to become reality.