The HonEURs Team

We have many plans for the coming year, and in this section you can learn more about us. As always, feel free to message us through our contact form or stop us for a chat at any time!

Prospective Partners & Sponsors may contact Alexandre Viana de Miranda, our Commissioner of External Relations, directly per phone.

The Board 2018-2019

Ron Koppers


President of the Board



''It is my goal to make the association contribute to the personal development of every single Honours student." 


Alexandra Schwinges


Secretary of the Board



''I want to connect students and create a community that joins forces."


Carolina Molinare


Treasurer of the Board



"I want to maximize the members' happiness return on investment."



Alexandre Viana de Miranda


Commissioner of External Relations


"I want to create opportunities for our members to collaborate with the greatest organizations in Europe."




Internal Managers 2018-2019

Lorena Nieuwenhoven

 Events Manager



"I want to foster a community of like-minded individuals who can grow and develop together."

Arian Trieb


Marketing Manager



''As the Marketing Manager, I want to spread internal awareness of different Honours Programmes and externally, make the HonEURs Association known on and beyond campus."


Luca Zampierin


Partnership Manager



"I want to help the Association create the perfect environment for the honours students to grow academically and personally."



Stef Koedijk


Partnership Manager



"I will connect HonEURs students and corporations through mutually beneficial activities."






Gauri Kant


Alumni Relations Manager


 “It is my goal to expand our alumni network and enhance the

educative environment for all HonEURs members.”


Brand Ambassadors 2018-2019

Thomas Pereira Horta


Medicine Brand Ambassador



"Inspiring and bringing together people with unique backgrounds, believes, and goals, that's what makes the difference." 

Conrad Schoo


RSM Brand Ambassador



''As the Brand Ambassador, I aim to connect, engage and enhance the HonEURs Association's greatest asset: Its interdisciplinary human capital."



Luca Zampierin


ESE Brand Ambassador



"I want to help the Association create the perfect environment for the honours students to grow academically and personally."



Robin de Zeeuw


EUC Brand Ambassador



"I want to build bridges between faculties to help the association become a central point for personal and professional development."






Rosanne Bakker


EHP Brand Ambassador



"I believe there is more beyond the disciplinary borders we have set for ourselves, and bringing together a diverse group of people academically as well as socially is what I aim to achieve.." 

Isabella Biney


ESHPM Brand Ambassador



'"I want to help cultivate an environment where likeminded students get in touch with the state of the art by meeting inspiring individuals and developing their skills together."



Sikun Fan


Medicine Brand Ambassador



I want to do my best to develop myself as well as helping others”









Internal Managers 2017-2018

Merel van Buuren


Events Manager


''I want the HonEURs Association to become a vivid organization.''


Danilo Verboom


Partnership Manager


''I want to connect disciplines.''

Olivier Kok


Partnership Manager


''People should enjoy life and have the feeling that they add value to the world.''

Carolina Molinare


Marketing Manager


''I want to make the HonEURs Association known among all Erasmus University students and companies in Rotterdam.''

Brand Ambassadors 2017-2018

Mikolaj Kulakowski


ESE Brand Ambassador


''I want to make a community that provides a great deal of interfaculty integration between honours students.''

Alex Schwinges


IBCoM Brand Ambassador


''I want to create a strong team through communication.'' 

Ron Koppers


RSM Brand Ambassador


''Creating a better world starts with yourself.''

Jeylan Jabrail


ESSB Brand Ambassador


''I want to improve organizations by helping people to grow and develop.''