The HonEURs Team

We have many plans for the coming year, and in this section you can learn more about us. As always, feel free to message us through our contact form or stop us for a chat at any time!

Prospective Partners & Sponsors may contact Benedikt Jürges, our Commissioner of External Relations, directly per phone.

The Board

Alexander Piric 


President of the Board


''I want to make this year the best year.''


Anne Dom


Secretary of the Board


''I want to establish a real connection between honours students from different fields.'' 


Tessa van Beek


Treasurer of the Board


''I want to make a true community out of the HonEURs Association.''

Benedikt Jürges


Commissioner of External Relations

+31 (0)626082020


''My goal is to connect the Association to the greatest partners out there!''

Internal Managers

Merel van Buuren


Events Manager


''I want the HonEURs Association to become a vivid organization.''


Danilo Verboom


Partnership Manager


''I want to connect disciplines.''

Olivier Kok


Partnership Manager


''People should enjoy life and have the feeling that they add value to the world.''

Carolina Molinare


Marketing Manager


''I want to make the HonEURs Association known among all Erasmus University students and companies in Rotterdam.''

Brand Ambassadors

Mikolaj Kulakowski


ESE Brand Ambassador


''I want to make a community that provides a great deal of interfaculty integration between honours students.''

Alex Schwinges


IBCoM Brand Ambassador


''I want to create a strong team through communication.'' 

Ron Koppers


RSM Brand Ambassador


''Creating a better world starts with yourself.''

Jeylan Jabrail


ESSB Brand Ambassador


''I want to improve organizations by helping people to grow and develop.''