As the Commissioner of External Affairs, you are the key point of contact for all external stakeholders. It is your responsibility to represent our association in front of other parties and to negotiate new partnerships. You will use your creativity in who and how you approach parties. While this is a great responsibility, the position offers you the opportunity to grow in a lot of ways! Nothing lets you learn as much as cold calling, visiting partners, and pitching the association. While at first, it might all seem a bit overwhelming, you will get used to stepping out of your comfort zone and soon grow to levels you didn’t even imagine. 


In this position you will supervise the partnership managers, who support you in finding additional partners, and the alumni relations manager, who will help to engage our vast alumni network. Naturally, you are also tightly involved into all board activities and through your choices you determine which direction the association takes! 


We are looking for individuals with great communication and time management skills, who have the ability to deal with setbacks and have a great eye for opportunities. If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, if you want to build a strong network, and if you are not afraid to push the extra bit, sign up now as the Commissioner of External Affairs! 

Want to be part of the next HonEURs Board?

Send us an email with your CV and a short motivational letter at

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After a CV screening, successful candidates will be invited to proceed to an interview session with the supervising Board Member and the Association President. 

Deadline: 17th of April at 23:59