The Commissioner of Events is responsible for all social events organized by the Honeurs Association. As a study association, we try to provide a mix of professional and social events, so the social aspect is a big part of the association. You will work together with the rest of the board to organize fun events that will strengthen the Honeurs community. You will work together with the active members to create events, but you will be the one responsible. Are you able to keep your head cool when the venue for the social drink gets cancelled last minute? Or when the pub lecture speaker is half an hour late? Events almost never turn out exactly as planned, which is challenging, but also what makes this position so much fun!


We are looking for students who are creative, good at planning, and full of ideas. You will get the freedom to organize the events you would like to see. As a board member, you will be involved in all the decisions that are made in the organization. Do you see yourself in this role? Then sign up for the position of the Commissioner of Events!

Want to be part of the next HonEURs Board?

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After a CV screening, successful candidates will be invited to proceed to an interview session with the supervising Board Member and the Association President.