As the Secretary you have a very varied role. Your responsibilities include the marketing of the association, events management and communication with the members. This entails that you set up marketing strategies, such as creating email campaigns and developing social media content, and that you ensure the right locations and facilities are arranged for events. You are also in charge of the website of the association.


In this position you will supervise the marketing manager, who will help you develop and implement new marketing campaigns. You will also supervise the events manager, who will offer you support regarding the organization of events. Furthermore, you will work closely together with all other Board Members; together with the Commissioner of External Affairs you come up with plans to set up the best possible events, you will negotiate about events budgets with the Treasurer and you will work with the President regarding event promotions.



Therefore, we are looking for individuals with great communication and interpersonal skills, good time-keeping and creative ideas. If you are looking to grow your skills in a variety of tasks and if you have a strong passion for marketing and project management, then this is the right position for you! 

Want to be part of the next HonEURs Board?

Send us an email with your CV and a short motivational letter at

 Make sure to include which position(s) you are applying for. 

After a CV screening, successful candidates will be invited to proceed to an interview session with the supervising Board Member and the Association President. 

Deadline: 17th of April 2020