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Send us your CV and short motivation to by April 29, 23:59h.

The recruitment of the 11th Board has started! This is your chance to strive further by joining the HonEURs Association as a Board Member. We will be looking for members who show a desire to broaden their horizons, and are highly motivated!


The HonEURs Association offers its Board Members the opportunity to develop themselves next to their studies as great leaders, thinkers and doers. We can offer you the exciting experience of working for one of the fastest-growing and most exclusive student associations at Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a Board Member, you are responsible for connecting alumni and current honours students of the different faculties of the Erasmus University. You can expect to challenge, but also be challenged! You will grow with the association, while you discover new ways to make the association more relevant and exciting over the next year!


However, as with every important role, our positions will require your dedication, time and passion. All Board Members can expect approximately 8 to 12 hours per week. Naturally, hours will fluctuate over time depending on the circumstances, given our status as a relatively fast-growing organization. 


You may find more detailed descriptions of the positions on offer below.


We are greatly looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you for applying. 




Your HonEURs Board

We are currently recruiting the following Board positions:

The Deadline to apply is on the 29th of April, 23:59h! Check below on how to apply. You are only eligible to apply if you are participating in/ have participated in an honours programme of the Erasmus University. 


The President is the head of the Board of the HonEURs Association, and its public face. As such, it is also the President's responsibility to take a leading role in determining strategy and coordinating the team of the association. Furthermore, as the leader of the Board, you will also be responsible for creating consistency within the team, and making sure potential conflicts are either avoided, or mitigated. Most importantly, it is the president’s task to create a collaborative working environment in which individual capabilities complement each other to contribute to a greater outcome overall. 


The President also works with all members and stakeholders of the association, from Ambassadors to the Erasmus Honours Academy staff, with the ideal aim of not only achieving the organization's goals, but also helping each member reach their personal goals. In conclusion, your job will not necessarily be to direct, but rather take the opinions of those you work with, while considering the situational factors and context. 


Therefore, we are looking for individuals with excellent communication skills, a high degree of emotional intelligence, and an eye for strategy and unique ideas. If you have a creative vision, as well as the ability to execute it in a fair and logical manner, then you should consider applying for this position.   



As the Secretary you have a very varied role. Your responsibilities include the marketing of the association, events management and communication with the members. This entails that you set up marketing strategies, such as creating email campaigns and developing social media content, and that you ensure the right locations and facilities are arranged for events. You are also in charge of the website of the association.


In this position you will supervise the marketing manager, who will help you develop and implement new marketing campaigns. You will also supervise the events manager, who will offer you support regarding the organization of events. Furthermore, you will work closely together with all other Board Members; together with the Commissioner of External Affairs you come up with plans to set up the best possible events, you will negotiate about events budgets with the Treasurer and you will work with the President regarding event promotions.


Therefore, we are looking for individuals with great communication and interpersonal skills, good time-keeping and creative ideas. If you are looking to grow your skills in a variety of tasks and if you have a strong passion for marketing and project management, then this is the right position for you! 


As the Treasurer you are responsible for the financial position of the HonEURs Association in regard to budgeting, bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The Treasurer is also responsible for the administration of the members and the memberships. The large potential and the recent growth in size of the HonEURs Association, makes working with the members and budget both challenging and interesting. The Treasurer is also in contact with the Erasmus Honours Academy for the finances of the Association, which will help you to develop and use your negotiation skills.


You are mostly working together with the Secretary regarding the communication of the events budgets and with the Commissioner of External Affairs for deals with companies, organizations and partners. Furthermore, you are part of the team, which entails that you are open to support other Board Members.


Therefore, we are looking for individuals who have a strong sense for accounting and who would like to take on the challenge to make financial growth happen. If you have an eye for detail, if you want to improve your negotiation skills and if you like to work with numbers, you should definitely apply for this position!

Commissioner of External Affairs

As the Commissioner of External Affairs, you are the key point of contact for all external stakeholders. It is your responsibility to represent our association in front of other parties and to negotiate new partnerships. You will use your creativity in who and how you approach parties. While this is a great responsibility, the position offers you the opportunity to grow in a lot of ways! Nothing lets you learn as much as cold calling, visiting partners, and pitching the association. While at first, it might all seem a bit overwhelming, you will get used to stepping out of your comfort zone and soon grow to levels you didn’t even imagine. 


In this position you will supervise the partnership managers, who support you in finding additional partners, and the alumni relations manager, who will help to engage our vast alumni network. Naturally, you are also tightly involved into all board activities and through your choices you determine which direction the association takes! 


We are looking for individuals with great communication and time management skills, who have the ability to deal with setbacks and have a great eye for opportunities. If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, if you want to build a strong network, and if you are not afraid to push the extra bit, sign up now as the Commissioner of External Affairs! 



Convinced? Apply now!

Send us an email with your CV and a short motivational letter at Make sure to include which position(s) you are applying for. After a CV screening, successful candidates will be invited to proceed to an interview session with the supervising Board Member and the Association President. The deadline to apply is on the 249h of April at 23:59 (midnight)!