Become the next president of the HonEURs Board

The President is the head of the Board of the HonEURs Association, and its public face. As such, it is also the President's responsibility to take a leading role in determining strategy and coordinating the team of the association. Furthermore, as the leader of the Board, you will also be responsible for creating consistency within the team, and making sure potential conflicts are either avoided, or mitigated. Most importantly, it is the president’s task to create a collaborative working environment in which individual capabilities complement each other to contribute to a greater outcome overall. 


The President also works with all members and stakeholders of the association, from Ambassadors to the Erasmus Honours Academy staff, with the ideal aim of not only achieving the organization's goals, but also helping each member reach their personal goals. In conclusion, your job will not necessarily be to direct, but rather take the opinions of those you work with, while considering the situational factors and context. 


Therefore, we are looking for individuals with excellent communication skills, a high degree of emotional intelligence, and an eye for strategy and unique ideas. If you have a creative vision, as well as the ability to execute it in a fair and logical manner, then you should consider applying for this position.  

Send us an email with your CV and a short motivational letter at Make sure to include which position(s) you are applying for. After a CV screening, successful candidates will be invited to proceed to an interview session with the supervising Board Member and the Association President. The deadline to apply is on the 17th of April at 23:59 (midnight)!