Here, we are creating an overview of all Honours Classes for our prospective members! 


Querido Honours Programme

Medicine students are given the opportunity to join the Querido Honours Programme. Instead of entering the Programme in the second year, these medicine students start in January of their first academic year and continue until the end of their bachelors.

Every year, the students focus on relevant medical societal themes. For example HIV/AIDS, regenerative medicine and healthy ageing. The students are given the opportunity to interact on these themes with inspiring clinicians, researchers and other speakers during masterclasses. Subsequently, the students write an essay about every finished theme.

Next to that, these medicine students organise big projects, like “Mini Med School” (students teaching primary school children about medicine) and “Mijn Diabetes, Mijn Zorg” (students teaching functionally illiterate people living in Rotterdam about “Diabetes”).

Next to improving essential skills via interesting courses, like writing and debating, the medicine students also get the chance to experience the health care situation in foreign countries. In the two most recent years that country was Morocco. Through this sustainable partnership with the medical faculty of Marrakech, the students were enriched with new perspectives and with

important social and cultural skills.


RSM Honours Programme 2018-2019

The RSM Honors Program is a highly selective course comprising 40 IBA and BA second-year students. Following the theme ‘Learning from Silicon Valley’, students get a better understanding of the region’s competitive advantage. During the program students complete extracurricular assignments and attend lectures of different professors and company professionals.
There are three 24 hours business challenges integrated in the course. The first challenge takes place at the World Horticultural Center, where students get the chance to consult a startup and present their findings to executives of the respective firms. After the first challenge, the students are invited to the Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship. Once again in teams of 4, students build and pitch their own app. The last of the three business challenges is a hackathon, which is held in close collaboration with the European Space Agency in Noordwijk.
Following the 3 challenges, as well as the 2 individual assignments, the students can showcase their entrepreneurial and strategic learnings through an extended consultancy project. For this assignment, the students consult a Dutch start-up on the viability of a potential expansion to Silicon Valley.
The 1-year program culminates in a field trip to Silicon Valley. As students get to visit Stanford University and the headquarters of tech multinationals such as Google, they can apply their acquired knowledge, while also experiencing the trip of a lifetime.

ESE Bachelor Honours Class 2018-2019

The program started with a Bootcamp weekend in which we had the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. During the weekend we had a nice personal development workshop with Marijn Gijsbers and we had time to have fun together at the famous music festival “Appelpop”.

Obviously, the program is not just about having fun together! The ESE Honours Programme is organized in two lecture cycles that focus on the following main topics: smarter choices for better health and development economics. Our sessions usually have the format of interactive guest lectures in which we have the opportunity to discuss the daily topic with an expert in the

field. However, the program is not based solely on lectures; we have a diverse set of other activities ranging from personal skills development to company visits, and from cultural events to writing an academic paper in collaboration with a professor. Many events are chosen and organized by the students, which gives us a lot of room for creativity. For instance, so far we visited the Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam and we visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Institute for Social Studies in the Hague.

Overall, participating in the ESE Honours Programme is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, acquire new skills, meet many interesting people, and to add variety to your week's routine with something extra.


ESHPM Honours Class 2018-2019

During the 2018-2019 ESHPM Honours Class, students zoom in on a healthcare-related topic of their own interest. They set their own goals, which are personal and academic, and create a plan to achieve those goals. In the beginning of the program the students participate in a series of workshops to orient themselves on the goals they wish to pursue. Towards the end of the program, the students present the results of their work at the final symposium. In so doing, the Honours Class offers the students the opportunity to grow personally and discover in which ways they can contribute to solving health care issues.

Besides working on personal projects there are peer group meetings to discuss progress and share ideas. Furthermore, during the program students will organize guest lectures in which prominent figures in the health care sector will be invited

to share about their experiences, as well as visit key institutions.

All in all, attending the ESHPM Honours Class is a unique opportunity to acquire new skills in a highly academic environment, participate in a lot of cool events with esteemed professionals in the field, expand your network and enhance your perspective on the health care realm.

EHLC Programme

The EHLC Programme is all about learning to understand what the law looks like outside of our lectures and study groups. By requiring active participation in the organization of activities, all activities are organized by students, for students. Each regular curriculum course is accompanied by an exclusive Honours in-depth group activity, for example going to court to see how lawyers and judges practice law. These activities put all knowledge you have gained during your lectures into perspective.

 EHLC is not just about intellectual development. It is also about helping you explore your interests and personal skills, through varying modules. These modules for example help you explore disciplines within the law during an interactive guest lecture

about environmental law, or to learn more about the legal side of current events such as Brexit. Also, there are opportunities to visit law firms to meet new people and hear stories about the work they do. The EHLC program offers amazing opportunities to seek extra challenge and gain extra insight in the subjects that are taught during the courses. It is also a great way to be in contact with other motivated students and make new friends.

ESE Bachelor Honours Class 2017-2018

It all starts with a fun Bootcamp weekend in Zeeland, where we get to know each other (and ourselves) a little better through a  programme that is focused on integration and self-development.


The core part of the ESE Honours Programme revolves around two theme cycles: International Politics and Economics, and Social Policy. Our sessions are very diverse and focus on various activities, including interactive guest lectures, cultural events, skills workshops, company visits and a trip abroad. Many events are picked and organized directly by the students, which gives us a lot of room to be creative. For instance, so far we have visited and hosted a few inspiring guest lectures with experts on numerous fields, such as global economics, international law and journalism. 


Of course, the ESE Honours Class is not only about the cool events. We get a lot of opportunities to challenge ourselves with topics concerning various current economic issues. We also work on our personal development to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves and to write and present the academic papers on various exploratory topics. 


Overall, participating in the ESE Honours Programme is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, acquire new skills, meet many interesting people and to add variety to your week's routine with something extra. 


- Mikolaj Kulakowski, ESE Brand Ambassador 


IBCoM Honours Programme 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 Honours Class addresses the construction of Europe and European Citizenship through the lens of communication and media. Our sense of place is established through communicative processes and representations. Concepts such as place and city branding, PR and marketing strategies, ICTs and popular culture play a crucial role in our formation of a (supra)national identity. Hence, we explore how and to what effects these kinds of communicative practices produce identities and facilitate communities in Europe. 

Additional readings complementing the IBCoM programme, field trips and guest lectures are part of the agenda in this year's Honours Class. Next to student-led sessions, where we discuss weekly readings, we recently attended a White Paper Session with the European Commission Council representatives of the Netherlands. We explored several future scenarios of Europe in 2025 in an interactive manner during this meeting. In addition, the IBCoM Honours Programme's agenda entails a field trip to the European Commission in Brussels. There, the construction of European Citizenship on an institutional level, and its reflection onto a civil identification with European values and the European community, will be investigated by preparing a consultancy task for specific European foundations. 


- Alex Schwinges, IBCoM Brand Ambassador

RSM Honours Programme 2017-2018

The RSM Honours Programme is centered around the topic: Silicon Valley. Observational learning about this geographical cluster is accomplished through the lens of strategic entrepreneurship and innovation, entailing that entrepreneurship and strategy consulting are intertwined in this programme. Students get extra assignments and lectures of different professors and company professionals, concerning these topics.


There are two 24 hours business challenges integrated in the course. The first one is organized in the Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship Science Tower in Rotterdam, in which students in teams of four have to build and pitch their own app. The second business challenge is a hackathon, which is organized at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk. The biggest assignment during the course concerns strategy consulting. For this assignment, students in teams of four have to give consult to a Dutch start-up, whether expansion to Silicon Valley would be beneficial to them. A one week field trip to Silicon Valley itself is also included in the programme. During this week several companies, venture capitalists and institutions will be visited. Highlights of this week are the visits to the Google headquarters, NASA and Stanford University. 


- Ron Koppers, RSM Brand Ambassador