Board Interest Drinks

Interested in one of the Board Positions for the Academic Year 2019/2020?

Come and enjoy a refreshing drink while you talk to the current board.

The recruitment of the 11th Board has started! This is your chance to strive further by joining the HonEURs Association as a Board Member. We will be looking for members who show a desire to broaden their horizons and are highly motivated!

The HonEURs Association offers its Board Members the opportunity to develop themselves next to their studies as great leaders, thinkers and doers. We can offer you the exciting experience of working for one of the fastest-growing and

most exclusive student associations at Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a Board Member, you are responsible for connecting alumni and current honours students of the different faculties of the Erasmus University. You can expect to challenge, but also be challenged! You will grow with the association, while you discover new ways to make the association more relevant and exciting over the next year!

However, as with every important role, our positions will require your dedication, time and passion. All Board Members can

expect approximately 8 to 12 hours per week. Naturally, hours will fluctuate over time depending on the circumstances, given our status as a relatively fast-growing organization.