HonEURs Game Night

Are you the best at board games? Do your friends know you as the trivia genius?


Our annual Game Night will be a bit different than last year. We will have different rounds of games which you and your team will have to face. The team with the best score will win a surprise prize!


Do you want to prepare? Dust off your geography and science books. Prepare for some riddles and math challenges. Don't forget to read some gossip magazines and to update your pop culture knowledge.


As always, drinks are on our behalf and we will have pizza!


Don't have a team? Don't worry! We can create teams on the evening itself.

Arriving late? That's alright! As the games are flexible everyone can join later.

Not that into board games? Come for a chat, a drink and a slice of pizza.


Where: Honours Lounge

When: 12th February, 18:00

Price: Free


This events is for members of the HonEURs Association. Want to join? Sign up on our website https://www.honeursassociation.nl/membership/