Space Talks

How important is to explore  space? How can space venture help a small village in Africa? Can we make space travel environment friendly? What are the legal frameworks that space agencies operate in? How can we economically sustain space exploration? These questions and more will be answered during the Space Talks!


Space Talks are a collaboration between the ESA - European Space Agency and the Honeurs Association where Honours student have the opportunity to ask questions, join the worldwide live stream event of the ESA and listen to a panel discussion about space.


The live stream will feature a short interview with Luca Parmitano, Italian astronaut who is at the moment in space at the International Space Station and will answer multiple questions from students around the world.

The panel discussion touches upon the topic of space ventures and includes experts in different areas who will give unique insights from their disciplines. The participants will be confirmed in the following week.


This is a unique opportunity to get an in depth view on space exploration, and talk with the people who are discovering all the secrets of space. 


This event has limited spots so be sure to sign up before they are gone. You can sign up by getting a free ticket on our website.


When: October 8th, 17:30

Where: Theil CB-4



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Space Talks

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